Kent and Janessa England’s Wedding.

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I had the pleasure of photographing Kent and Janessa’s wedding at Stonegate Chapel and the reception at Highland Springs Country Club.

I loved them and their families because of the love they all had for each other!








































































































































































The Color of Summer Flowers.

I photographed these flowers last fall. You forget during the winter how beautiful flowers are. These beauties cheered me up when I shot them and today when I edited them. If you would like to order any of these pictures for your own home you can purchase them on my new Fine Art Gallery Collections on this web-site.

The Girls

DSC_0448 copy DSC_0336 DSC_0307 copyI spent a week playing with these old mannequins on the top floor of Ms. Gilmore’s Building. The week flew by before I realized how much I enjoyed these images. You can purchase them on the 2nd floor at Ms. Gilmores Tearoom and Bakery.

C. Street Scene


I spent Saturday night on C-St photographing the trains and the Historical Bridge.  This is my first time photographing trains. I liked one shot. I’ll go back for more images and shoot faster…….live and learn.DSC_2363